2 comments on “Flashing the Meraki MR12

  1. Hello, Thanks for the article.

    I am having a couple of issues :(
    My UART is slightly different to yours, my pins are: DTR, RXD, TXD, 5V, CTS and GND.
    I have connected GND to J4, and RXD and TXD to both J3 and J4 (just in case they were the wrong way).
    I get no output in Putty, and no ping response on

    The MR12 had previously been used, so I tried a factory reset, but that made no difference.

    Any thoughts on what I could try next?

    Thanks, Minty

    • Hi Minty – no problems I wrote it because the information I’d found online varied wildly (probably mine varies wildly from what you’ve already been reading!) – it’s strange you get absolutely nothing through putty – I had that a similar scenario until I had both the UART hooked up and the bit of network patch (with all the interface settings also configured on your computer). Can you suggest what sort of system you are running?

      I’m thinking that the order of things that I’d be troubleshooting would be:

      1 – Device is Bricked altogether… (worst case and hopefully unlikely)
      2 – Pin Configuration is incorrect somehow… (swap the TX and RX?)
      3 – Interface speed / interface config on the computer is set incorrectly…(windows com port handling perhaps)
      4 – Computer Software is getting in the way… (Windows Firewall for instance)


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