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That Pink Flamingo…

(A living moss garden I made out of things I found in our garden, using a shallow pie dish as a pot.)

Why the fascination with Pink Birds? well I used to play a game called Heros of Might and Magic (III).

I wasn’t very good at it.

During the course of playing it (which was set out very much like a digital board game) you came across these little swan ponds of luck. I don’t think they gave you much of an advantage, and they used up your ‘turn’, but whenever I found one I would stop and bask in the glory of the Swan Pond (and gain +3 luck!). For whatever reason in the game the swan was pink and for whatever reason the concept stuck in my twisted mind and manifests itself occasionally in various forms of “outsider art”. I especially enjoy this concept as one of my friends (Wayne) who’s generally amazing at any game would rant at me in despair when I would “waste my go” on +2 luck :D

What could be finer than microwaving a rabbit?

This is Mr Bunny. He’s filled with oats or something. When Rachael gets a pain in the stomach she puts Mr Bunny in the microwave and gives him a blast of radiation.

Vald Birn 1

Vald Birn 2

The last ever images I got of the old Vald Birn foundry as it was torn down. I once visited the place as part of my shadowy Urban Exploration hobby…

For some reason some overly security cautious person has blurred out all the faces in this picture. I’m 2nd from the extreme right (standing). Vald Birn is long gone but I do have a coffee cup that I found at a local car boot sale for 50p.

Retro Goodies:

Here’s a cool retro TV game with those twiddly knob controllers and a light gun! (I’ve never actually tried powering it up as it takes those massive batteries of which I never seem to have). I have a few variations on this unit and one of these days I’ll probably have a go at hooking them up.

While on the subject of retro goodies you can see some more of the life bloat I’ve accumulated over the years.

This second picture is from years back when I lived with my parents. Looking at it now and comparing it with the more recent first image from our spare bedroom I can see that my desk ornaments have got out of hand. There’s lots of things gathering dust, like rare Kinder Egg toys – back when they used to be cool.

The quality of Kinder Egg toys has gone down in the recent years. It’s a shame because they used to be so inventive. Such minute parts!

For the record I have several large boxes of vintage Kinder Egg toys in the attic :D



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