The Garden

Herein lies the record of the garden as written by Stu beginning in the year two-thousands and twelve.

Here is one of my rock gardens.

It’s at the top most northern edge of the garden and gets quite a lot of sunshine after early morning.

I’ve recently spread some chipped (green) slate chippings around to compliment all the rocks and tidy up the bare earth. I laid the stones the way they are so that I could use the garden as a little spot to play with my rc 4×4 trucks… I’m always paranoid about crashing into my plants D:

Here is our second rock garden.

This is at the most southern end of the garden, although our garden is generally north facing and this area of the garden gets the least amount of direct sunlight.

This area is quite damp and north facing so the stones at this end of the garden are covered in moss and lichens. This is the first rock garden I made and it’s the most established – as over time I’ve added a wide variety of ferns and other shade loving plants. This rockery started out life as something I could use to play with the rc 4×4’s on, but when making it I made it all a little too easy and the vehicles had no challenge at all. I’ve let it over to a general fern garden now and I don’t go near it with anything that would damage the plants.

Here’s a closer shot of some of the ferns I’ve got planted. You can also see the metal shell of an old toy Jeep that I found in a pile of ashes on an abandoned farm not far from here. I scraped the ashes off and sprayed it with some clear varnish to keep the weather out, now it lives on the rockery.

Here and there I stuck some exceedingly cheap solar powered garden lamps which you might spot here and there in the pictures. Out of the ten or so I bought about 3 of them are still working sort of. If you tap the top violently sometimes they work better.


Here’s our pink granite bird bath, which is quite old. I’ve also got a couple of wild reed type things in pots growing as they benefit from the excess water the birds splash around the place. I have to fill the bird bath up quite often as Blackbirds will visit and do their best at emptying the thing. I don’t know what it is about Blackbirds but they’re so angry about everything… My father once called them “Querulous creatures” and it sums them up quite nicely.




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